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The Ridgeway Group

The Ridgeway Group consists of 3 companies located in the USA, Canada and the UK, specializing in the safe, secure and legal movement of explosives, munitions and security classified materials.

  • Over 40 years experience
  • Air, sea, road and rail specialist logistics
  • Stevedoring, storage and insurance services
  • Reputation for absolute attention to detail

The Philosophy

The philosophy behind the three companies is that they can work independently or as a group depending on your project.

Each company is set up to understand and engage with local and national laws and regulations and operate within its own commercial sphere while having an international capability as part of the Ridgeway Group.

Ridgeway has developed long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. This enables your supply chain to be constantly improved.

Ridgeway’s ethos is to find cost-effective and practical solutions to your requirements using our extensive working knowledge of local and national laws, regulations, codes of practice and compliance requirements.

The offices are in constant communication sharing the latest industry and regulatory developments to best serve our valued clientele.